FREE social distance Stock Designs for work wear

Keep Your Distance Artwork - Free For All Easy View Users

Are you using the correct dimensions for your artwork?

To help aid with efficiencies and get your artwork correct for using high viz jackets, we have created a number of stock transfer designs. All social distance stock designs have been created to fit perfectly within the reflective stripes of high-viz jackets. 

These can be used for decorating workwear or any other garments that need to highlight the importance of social distance.

All transfers come with no weeding required. Choose from over 200 stock colours. 

To access the FREE designs, head to Easy View and select and a 1-5 colour screen transfer. The artwork will be waiting for you under the stock designs section, where you can then select the colours and quantities you need. To get the best cost efficiencies, we recommend using the A3 layout so you can get multiple transfers on the sheet. 

For example: 100 sheets with 3 transfers per sheet is £183. Equalling 61p per transfer.

Once paid the transfers will be manufactured within 24 hours.

Don’t wait till tomorrow, get the UK's leading Heat Transfers today.

Available designs

  • Please Keep Distance Thumbnail
  • Keep 2 Metres Apart Thumbnail
  • Keep 1 Metre Apart Thumbnail
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