What are UltraColour heat transfers?



UltraColour Transfers are the world's leading full colour custom heat transfer. The latest innovation from Stahls' and Target Transfers.


This sought after heat transfer allows for unlimited colours and gradients within designs, allowing you to print more detailed and decorative designs (including that with a photorealistic finish).


UltraColour Transfers are a combination of the best qualities of screen printing and digital transfers. Get the soft, detailed finish of screen with the unlimited colour and gradients of digital.


The high quality of UltraColour Transfers means that your products can not only have more intricate designs printed for your products but an improved quality and longer lasting transfer overall.


*If applying to sublimated garments, choose SubliBlocker UltraColour Transfers.



UltraColour Transfers boast many features, including;

- Unlimited Colours and Gradients

Photorealistic prints

- 60+ Washes - the NEW industry standard

- 24 Hour Manufacturing

- Soft and Thin Finish - Feels like part of the garment

- Incredibly Fine Detail

- Stretch and Rebound as standard

- 12 Second Fuse at 120

- Green Certified Transfers - Water-based and eco-friendly Heat Transfers



UItraColour Transfers are available to order 24/7 with Easy View by Target Transfers. All you have to do is upload your artwork your transfers will arrive at your door, ready to be applied within 2 days. *Free Custom Quotes Available.

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