Subli Blocking - Ultra Colour Transfers

Get The World's Leading Full Colour Heat Transfer in The UK
Developed by Stahls' Transfer Express and Target Transfers. UltraColour Heat Transfers are the world's leading full colour heat transfer. Now available in a Subli Blocker version that inhibits dye migration on sublimated garments.

The best print solution for full colour tonal blends and photographic images. And the most economical when the quantity of colours exceed 5 in any one design. Manufactured with the latest waterbased technology, with the softest feel and incredibale stretch and rebound.

  • Unlimited colour options
  • Photo-realistic compatibility
  • No key lines
  • 24 Hour Manufacturing
  • 60+ washes - built to outlast the garment
  • Waterbased Transfers
  • The longest lasting eco-friendly Heat Transfers available.
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