The World's #1 DTF (Direct To Film) Heat Transfers

Digitally printed using a special DTF process developed by Stahls', Transfer Express and Stahls' UK (Target Transfers). Get the worlds leading Direct To Film heat transfers. UltraColour® MAX Heat Transfers are easy to price, easy to order, and easy to apply, so you can say YES! to more jobs and more profits without limitations.

manufactured in Braintree (Essex) in just 24 hours. Order by midnight and we will ship to you the following day, or ready for collection.

Get unlimited colors, and extremely fine detail with no white or clear outline. At one low cost with a minimum of one, these DTF transfers offer straightforward pricing so you can instantly quote any job with ease. Finally, there’s a simplified solution for printing custom apparel — this one product does it all, so you can keep your business simple and keep your customers happy

For those already using our UltraColour transfers, these will compliment your existing offering by giving you smaller runs. 

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How to get the Best Price for Full Colour Heat Transfers

Get the best price for full colour heat transfers without compromising on quality.

Wih DTF Heat Transfers you can order a minimum of one heat transfer, however we know most of you are printing higher volume orders for your customers. Printing anywhere from 10 to 1,000 transfers at a time.

x10 A4 sheets of DTF Transfers costs £6.54 per sheet.

x100 A4 sheets of DTF Transfers costs £4.28 per sheet. 37% less than x10 sheets.

Being a successful heat printer means you need to know which product to use and when for mazimum value and profit margins. If you use UltraColour Heat Transfers, you will get even bigger price breaks.

x10 sheets of UltraColour Transfers is £5.25 per sheet. (Already less than DTF).

x100 sheets of UltraColour Transfers is £1.92 per sheet.

x500 sheets of UltraColour Transfers is £1.32 per sheet.

The finished result of UltraColour and DTF Transfers is the same. They're both just as vibant and detailed. Our bespoke system is designed for volume and this is what allows you to get UltraColour at such a good price for full colour heat transfers.

3 Things to look for with DTF Heat Transfers

When ordering DTF (Direct to Film) Heat Transfers, it's important you know what to look for to ensure you're getting a high quality and long lasting product.

The first thing you need is a hot peel transfer. Having hot peel DTF transfers will save you time and money with each and every fuse.

The second thing is avoiding second presses. Your DTF transfers should only need one fuse to be applied perfectly.

Finally, low temperature applications. UltraColour Max DTF Transfers apply at a low temperatue of 145 degrees. This prevents scorching of the garment and the lower temperature will draw less electricity to your press, reducing the cost of your overheads.

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