Artwork Guide

Compatible file types:

1-5 Colour




UltraColour (inc MAX/ DTF)





How to save artwork

For 1-5 colour heat transfers, If you are using Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. 

Choose File > Save As or File > Save A Copy. Type a filename, and choose a location for the file.
Choose EPS (*. EPS) as the file format, and click Save.


For full colour heat transfers, always save your artwork at 300 dpi at the required size.

If you are going to be using an png for UltraColour designs, please ensure your line weights are at least 1mm.


How to save artwork for custom transfers

Outlining Text

With Easy View™ you do not need to worry about outlining all your text.
The uploader will read the file when it uploads and automatically outline.


Both UltraColour™ and UltraScreen™ transfers are free-from keylines.
You just need to upload your artwork.

Colour profiles

For full colour prints, you can have unlimited colours in your prints.

For UltraScreen™ prints we can Pantone® match any colour required for your design.
As standard we have 30 colours built into our designer. You can find the full list and colour profiles here.

Counting Colours

With UltraScreen (1-5 colour) the Easy View™ uploader will count the colours and quality in real time.
You can then swap between colours until your are happy with the design.

There are 30 standard colours for screen transfers, for the full list with RGB, CMYK and PMS references click here. Other colours can be pantone matched on request.

For UltraColour™, there will be no limit on the colours you can use. For complex gradient fills created in Illustrator with multiple colour stops uploading a high resolution raster image (PNG).

Image properties

With our Easy View™ uploader, it will identify any quality issues in real time. 
If your design is low quality, you will be alerted so you can re-save and upload again.

The Easy View™ uploader will also make you aware if you have placed your design outside the specified area.
This will ensure you avoid transfer prints without cropping the design.

Once uploaded the quality of your design will be assessed by our Easy View™ uploader. If you artwork is good enough quality for print you will get the green bar, if it's red it means the artwork has not been saved at a high enough quality. See 'How to save artwork' at the top of thge page for more help.

Before placing your order, always check the design dimensions.

Getting a visual

With our Easy View™ uploader you can visualise how your garment will look on different material colours.
Click on the fill background button and you can simiulate how your design will work with different colours.

Tip: If your design is mostly white ink, add a coloured background to see all the detail.

Copyright permission

At Target Transfers we have been providing heat transfers for leading brands for over 40 years.
As your print partner we take copyright very seriously.
Any designs uploaded to Easy View™ will only be available to the uploader.
And explicit permission will always be asked for on every design, so any copyright issues can be avoided.

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