Unleash the Colour of Transfers


A Heat Press for Profit ™ Virtual Event

April 7, 2021 - Starts at 3pm

Start saying YES to all decorated apparel jobs! This all-day event is loaded with classes to help bring full color into your business from logo creation to selling best practices.   Don’t miss out on this GLOBAL event to connect with decorators and presenters from around the world!

Class topics:

 - Simplify Your Sales Approach

 - Selecting the Right Transfer for the Job

 - Creating Designs that Sell T-Shirts

 - Maximizing Profits with UltraColor

 - Selling Full Color into 5 key markets

And much more! See the full agenda here

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Why Attend?

This is the first-ever global heat transfer event. And the only scheduled heat transfer event in the UK for 2021. If you are serious about using full colour transfers, this event is essential for upskilling you and your team and growing your business.

Education - GroupeStahl is the leading educator in heat printing. Hear from industry leaders Josh Ellsworth, Dane Clement, Jennifer Johnson and much more! Topics will cover both sales, artworking and application.

Growth - Do you know the key growth markets for heat printing? Are you applying your skillset to enough customers? Learn full colour tips and tricks from the pros for growing your apparel sales in some key markets you might be missing!

Hands-On Experience - After you register you will be given the chance to request a free sample pack for the event. So you can join in and fuse along with the presenters. 

Event Discounts and Specials - Specials available with exclusive event discounts on equipment packages and full colour transfers! 

Some other event highlights include live Q&A, event specials, and free samples available at registration!


Use the below links to save your spot.  Seating is limited!

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